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Maximize Your Base Potential: Building and Expanding in Palworld

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In Palworld, building up your base is a crucial aspect of the game. As your base grows, you may consider establishing additional bases in different locations. But how many bases can you have in Palworld?

Maximize Your Base Potential: Building and Expanding in Palworld

Can You Have Multiple Bases?

The answer is yes, you can have more than one base in Palworld. In fact, you can have unlimited bases, as long as they are outposts or watered-down bases. These types of bases can be built freely anywhere in the world. However, bases with official Palboxes have different rules.

Palbox Base Unlock Levels

Initially, you can only have one Palbox base. Once your Palbox reaches level 10, you can place a second Palbox in another location. And when your Palbox reaches level 15, you can place a third and final Palbox.

The Importance of Palbox

The Palbox is a mechanic that allows you to create a unique base building design in Palworld. While it is possible to build a full-sized and functioning base without a Palbox, you won't be able to assign any Pals to work on it. This means that passive resource acquisition will be out of the question, and the base will rely solely on player actions.

Maximum Number of Bases

The maximum number of bases you can have in Palworld is three. Each base slot unlocks as you level up. The second base unlocks at base level 10, and the third and final base unlocks at base level 15.

Building Another Base

To build a fully functioning and self-sufficient second base, you must reach base level 10 on your first Palbox. Once your first base is level 10, you can place a second Palbox in another location. This second Palbox will start at level 10, allowing you to assign a crew of 10 Pals right away.

Moving Your Base

If you want to move your base in Palworld, you can disassemble your current Palbox and create a new one in a different location. All of your Pals will automatically be transferred to the new Palbox, ensuring that no one is left behind. However, you will need to rebuild all your structures for the new base.

Choosing the Best Base Location

When selecting a location for your base, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Plenty of flat terrain and space for upgrades and structures
  • Defensibility to protect against raids
  • Staying within the blue circle centered around your Palbox to prevent deterioration of structures and ensure Pals can work on them
  • Avoiding proximity to fast travel points
  • Access to resources such as trees and Ore veins


Now that you know everything about bases in Palworld, it's time to start building and expanding your empire. Enjoy the game!

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