Klarna Casinos - Safe Deposit

Esports betting has taken the gambling world by storm and Europe is no exception. One of the essential factors that gamblers look for before signing up for an online bookie is the ease of payment options on eSports. Those who live in Swiss, Austrian, and German countries already know about Klarla, which is associated with Sofort.

Many eSports betting sites from this region offer the option of using this payment method for deposits and withdrawals. It may be relatively new in non-German-speaking territories like the United States. As such, this article will provide an excellent introduction to Klarna and the benefits of using it as a payment option for eSports betting.

Klarna Casinos - Safe Deposit
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About Klarna

Klarna was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2005 by the fintech company Klarna Bank AB. Initially, the firm operated in Sweden but quickly expanded to Denmark, Finland, and Norway. It merged with Sofort Überweisung, a German instant banking solution, in 2014. Today, Klarna Group is also available in Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, France, and Austria.

In recent years, Klarna has acquired various companies to create specialized financial products and services. All of its payment solutions are consumer-oriented, safe, and convenient. As one of the most prominent financial providers in Europe, Klarna Group boasts 60 million users. By 2015, the company extended its roots to the US. Furthermore, Klarna is now available at a wide range of web-based esports betting platforms, an important development for gambling fans.

Is Klarna popular?

Klarna provides financial services for online stores, instant direct bank transfer, monthly installment plans, and post-purchase delivery options. It is widely used as a deposit method for esports betting. Unlike e-wallets and mobile payments, Klarna combines the speed of online banking with the allure of credit cards, giving the best of both worlds. If a user wants to bet on eSports but does not have enough cash, they can still make a deposit and pay the balance later.

How to make a deposit with Klarna

With Klarna, esports bettors transfer money directly from their bank to their betting accounts. Bank users don’t need a separate Klarna account; the online banking portal can suffice with a stable internet connection. The deposit method will be successful as long as the esports betting website has an account with Klarna.

Traditional direct bank transfers take a few hours to process and, sometimes, three business days. Thankfully, Klarna partners with banks to make transactions instantaneous. For instance, all German banks that support Sofort facilitate immediate real-time transfers.

All deposits via Klarna are instant without additional charges. But users should confirm with their banks if there’s any applicable fees and currency exchange rates. However, the betting site will pay a $0.30 fixed fee and variable charge of up to 5.99%. There’s no set limit for transacting through Klarna but every betting site has its deposit limits. The deposit method is perfect for eSport bettors who are always on the move because it is supported by all mobile operating systems.

Using Klarna in Online bookmakers

  1. Open an account with a Klarna esports betting site
  2. Visit the cashier page, then to the deposit section
  3. Find Klarna and tick to select
  4. Choose the payment mode, e.g., Pay Now to deposit with credit/debit card
  5. Enter how much to deposit
  6. Choose the country of residence and a specific bank
  7. Provide login details provided by the bank (account number, PIN, and password)
  8. Confirm the transaction with OTP or TAN (sent as text message or email)

After a successful deposit, the site remembers the details so the player won’t need to enter them next time.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Klarna

Players can withdraw winnings via Klarna but should wait for a few business days for the money to get to their bank accounts. The payment method allows users to withdraw as much as they want. Mobile payouts are incredibly secure and convenient. To cash out funds from a betting account, players should follow the following steps.

  1. Open the cashier page
  2. Request a payout from the available winnings
  3. Look for Klarna and select it
  4. In a pop-up window, enter the Klarna account details
  5. Provide verification documents if asked
  6. Wait for the eSports betting site to process the payment

Withdrawals with Klarna have zero processing fees, but some esports betting sites may charge players a small fee.

Pros and Cons at Klarna

The numerous features of Klarna make eSports betting easier. This section discusses the benefits and drawbacks of this payment method in relation to gambling.


  • Allows users to transact with a bank, e-wallets, and other online payment providers
  • Highly encrypted against cyberattacks
  • The history of betting transactions does not appear on the user’s bank statement
  • Swift deposits for eSports betting
  • Offers a mobile app to track betting transactions
  • Some betting sites offer special bonuses for Klarna users


  • Only available in 14 countries
  • No refund for erroneous payment request

Klarna Account Opening Process

One must be at least 18 years old to use this payment service. There are two ways to open a Klarna account: downloading the app or visiting the official Klarna website. Those who don’t have bank accounts in the aforementioned countries can open a Klarna account and connect it to their PayPal wallets. The Afterpay option is also available for PayPal users which enables customers to refund their credit in four monthly installments.

How to set up an account

  • On Klarna website or app, click the ‘Create Account’ button
  • Provide an email address
  • Enter a verification code sent via email
  • Provide a phone number
  • Verify the account with the SMS code
  • Provide a valid ID, physical address, and bank account number
  • Verify identity with VideoIdent or KlarnaIdent
  • Pick a card design to use with Klarna Bank
  • Set up a PIN

After providing the above details, the account is ready for use at an online esports betting site. It is important to note that Klarna only accepts euros. Other currencies must be converted to EUR before they can be used. Funding the account is just as easy. Some users load it with Google Pay, Apple, Pay, and PayPal.

If the user applies for Klarna Bank Card it arrives within a week at their designated address. This is usually a Vida debit card which is acceptable anywhere Visa operates. While the card does not allow ATM withdrawals, it can be used online. The Klarna account offers a real-time record of the transactions.

Klarna Customer Support Options

Klarna’s client support is a few minutes away with:

  • Toll-free number
  • Local telephone number
  • Instant messaging on the app
  • FAQ section

Reaching the customer representatives is easier on business days and active hours. They may also be available at particular times on weekends. The Klarna app offers 24/7 customer support.

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