Dafabet as a Market Leader in eSports Betting



Dafabet, one of the best sports betting brands, is today known for its dominance in the eSports betting scene. The company is a leading provider of eSports betting markets in all the competitive eSports competitions and tournaments.

Dafabet as a Market Leader in eSports Betting

But what must be underlined is that success has not come easy. Dafabet has had a long-term strategy to assert itself not just as an online gambling powerhouse but as a market leader in eSports betting.

To understand why Dafabet focused on eSports betting, it's first essential to understand how big the eSport betting industry is.

Esports and eSports Betting

The eSports industry is booming. According to the latest statistics, the eSports industry was worth a whopping $1.28 billion in 2021 and will blossom into a $2.89 billion industry by 2025.

Interestingly, eSports betting is bigger than eSports itself. A Grand View Research report showed that the eSports betting industry was worth $66.98 billion in 2020 and will grow at a CAGR of 10.1% from 2021 to 2028. The number of eSports bettors has also been rising, with the latest reports indicating that over 6.5 million people are into eSports betting.

The above statistics form the cornerstone of Dafabet's interest in focusing on eSports betting. But the elephant in the room is, what has led to the success of Dafabet as one of the best eSports betting sites? Well, there are a couple of factors as discussed below.

The 2015 Dafabet Fnatic Sponsorship Deal

Dafabet was one of the bookmakers that saw the potential of eSports betting. To seize the moment, the company sponsored Fnatic, one of the best eSports teams today. In the deal, Dafabet's brand logo was displayed on Fnatic's player's t-shirts. Even though the deal ended, it played a significant part in boosting Dafabet's reach now that Fnatic is a household name in the eSports industry.

Comprehensive eSports Coverage

The key driver in Dafabet's success as an eSports betting market leader is its comprehensive coverage of eSports tournaments and competitions. Many eSports bookies concentrate on only the top eSports. But Dafabet is a one-stop bookie where players can bet on all video games featured in the eSports scene. They include Dota 2, Valorant, FIFA, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA, Apex Legends, etc.

Comprehensive eSports Tournaments Coverage

Besides covering all the mainstream eSports, Dafabet offers markets on all eSports events, from the Tier 1 events to the most prestigious tournaments. This is something many bookies don't do. On most eSports sportsbooks, punters can only find betting markets for the big tournaments, but this is not the case with Dafabet. This means that bettors are guaranteed eSports betting markets all year round.

Esports Betting Bonuses

One of the most generous sports betting brands is Dafabet; there's no doubt. At the core of the company's marketing strategy's success are lucrative bonuses and promotions. To be one of the market leaders in the eSports betting industry, Dafabet has been custom-tailoring exclusive bonuses and promotions for eSports punters.

Dafabet has plenty of welcome bonuses for new eSports bettors. New players who want to wager on eSports get huge matchups on their initial deposits just after registration. Besides the welcome package, existing eSports bettors get treated to reload bonuses. For starters, reload bonuses match the amounts already registered eSports punters deposit on specific days when the promotion is active.

The Role of Mobile Betting

Gone are the days when gamblers had to sit in front of PCs to bet. Today, the world is going mobile. This is a trend that Dafabet understands. To keep up with the mobile trend, Dafabet has made mobile betting easy by developing mobile-friendly platforms for gamblers. This is an aspect that can't be ignored when assessing the factors that have spurred the growth of Dafabet as an eSports betting site.

Dafabet eSports bettors can enjoy gaming while on the go, courtesy of the Dafabet mobile-optimized platform accessible via any mobile browser. Besides the browser, Dafabet has native apps available for iOS and Android platforms. These mobile platforms offer players a smooth and seamless betting experience.

Flexible Banking

Gamblers always want a betting site that has flexible and secure banking. This is something Dafabet clearly understands. The site has partnered with leading online payment methods to facilitate easy, fast, and secure deposits and withdrawals.

Besides availing all the popular payment gateways, Dafabet allows players to gamble using all the popular fiat currencies, as well as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. With many eSports betting enthusiasts preferring cryptocurrencies, the availability of bitcoin has been an invaluable addition.

Wrapping Up

While there are dozens of eSport betting sites, Dafabet stands out. The operator has laid out an effective marketing strategy to dominate the eSports betting industry. With eSports getting bigger day by day, Dafabet will indeed remain one of the best eSports bookmakers.

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