November 7, 2023

Join the Fortnite Reboot Rally and Earn Free Cosmetics!

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The Fortnite Reboot Rally is back for another round! This occasional event from Epic aims to bring lapsed players back into the game. By partnering up with a new or returning player, you can earn free cosmetics and enjoy special rewards during the Fortnite OG season.

Join the Fortnite Reboot Rally and Earn Free Cosmetics!

Rebooting Challenges

The Reboot Rally is a set of challenges where players are tasked with "rebooting" another player. This promotion started with the latest season on November 3rd. To participate, players must complete in-game quests to unlock a set of new cosmetics.

How to Participate

To join the Fortnite OG version of the Reboot Rally, you need to partner up with a player who has played Fortnite for less than 2 hours in the 30 days leading up to November 2nd. If you know someone who fits the bill, encourage them to boot up the game and join your party.

Earning Rewards

Once you have formed a party, you can drop into games and complete special quests together. Finishing these quests will award both players with free cosmetics. The rewards for the Fortnite Reboot Rally this time around include:

  • Infernal GG Emoticon (50 points)
  • Burning Dragon Wrap (100 points)
  • Skerran Glider (150 points)
  • Knight's Treachery Pickaxe (200 points)

How to Earn Points

To unlock these items, you need to earn points. Each quest in the Fortnite Reboot Rally tab will give you a certain number of points. If some quests prove to be too challenging, you can focus on the easier ones to accumulate enough points to unlock everything.


The Fortnite Reboot Rally for November is a great opportunity to engage with the game and earn free cosmetics. With the player numbers rising to record levels, there are bound to be eligible players you can recruit to join the Reboot Rally. Don't miss out on this chance to enjoy the game and collect exclusive rewards!

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